'I CAN'T DRAW!' ... nonsense.

'I pack happiness in wooden boxes' - our new partner SEPPES

At Doodleledo family we look to partner up with the best in their field...and the most yummy ones :) At the end of last year our founder Natalia Talkowska from Natalka Design was a speaker at TEDxDIT event in beautiful cosy town in Bavaria Germany - Deggendorf.


One of the kind sponsors for the event was SEPPES, natural hand crafted artisan bakery that makes (what we thought) the best cookies out there. The taste and quality are something else. Naturally we got curious to talk to Josef, the founder and make a lasting impact after this inspiring event we were a part of. Josef said yes and now SEPPES is part of our wonderful growing partner family and will be bringing their mouthwatering cookies to our London Doodleledos - so you're all up for a treat! We need to think quickly, on the spot and be fully creative at Doodleledo so what better way to keep our energy levels high but with a bunch of natural organic yummy cookies!


A bit about our new partner SEPPES from the heart of Bavaria - Josef:

What do you do: I produce hand crafted, organic cookies with superior quality regional ingredients, packed in hand made wooden boxes which reveal the flavour of my inspiration gathered throughout my travels. I pack happiness in wooden boxes ;)

Who are you: a 32 year old guy, passionate about authentic rich flavours, exciting textures and colours provided by nature. I find joy and inspiration in journeys and new experiences where I can learn more about others and myself.


Why do you do it: I want to set my personal accent on combining ingredients to create flavour and on quality in a sustainable frame to offer pleasure to conscious indulgers.

Why partnering up with Doodleledo: Having the chance to work with such a creative mind as Natalia's , who combines the process of crossing inner borders, such as „I can´t draw“ with exploring one´s own potential while having a good time and tickling the right side of the brain has triggered my interest and attention to this creative project and I am really happy to have the opportunity to contribute to.

Fact 1: I do not own a TV but two stereo systems.

Fact 2: you can call me Seppe, that´s actually a common nickname in Bavaria for Josef and I named my company Seppes because I stand 100% behind my products with my name.

Fact 3: As I´m a quite clumsy fellow, my career as a waiter ended quite early as I dropped a tray, full of beer, over guests. Twice :)

Fact 4: The last thing I´d do would be bungee jumping, skydiving, rock climbing or riding a rollercoaster , I´d rather restart my career as a waiter ;)


Your business advice: Have courage towards gaps. Continue with doing what you are good at and solutions to fill the gap will appear.

Well there you go, now you know more about the amazing SEPPES. We're so excited to start collaboration - next Doodleledo around March in London so stay tuned on our social media for more info. Until then, if you're hungry for more like we are, visit SEPPES website or FB page and order some yummy goodness for you, friends, family, colleagues, or again...yourself :D and share it on social media with us on tagging @Doodleledo and @seppesschmankerl