'I CAN'T DRAW!' ... nonsense.

GAP breaking 'I CAN'T DRAW' myth

Not long ago we got an email....from GAP...

They liked the idea of 'I CAN'T DRAW' that we try to break with Doodleledo. They thought it would be a great way to do something different during their press dinner at Boundary in London due to their new launch of GAP #RemixProject of new 11 tshirt designs from around the world.

How cool is that? We couldn't say no. We thought, why not ask everyone to create their own tshirt designs made of their own life bits & bobs! All ready to go, we packed crayons, markers, pens and papers and invited our friend talented photographer Teresa Madeline (see her work here! Stunning!!)

Natalia, founder of Doodleledo ready for action!

Natalia, founder of Doodleledo ready for action!

First guests started coming....the likes of Editors in chief from ID or Elle...

the food wasn't bad either....check out Boundary - sooo good! catch a rooftop table before Summer's gone!

So we wasn't an easy task to make this buzzing group to close their eyes, relax and think of 3 things about themselves that they would draw int the next few minutes, but we did it!

All adults, but acting like kids again! The energy was awesome and time passed in .... no time :)

The stories that everyone was coming up with left us all smiling, energised and pumped! Whoever said there can't be drawing fun during dinner!

There was also time for some reflection, moments to yourself and a bit of chill...

Before we noticed evening and time for dessert was upon us!

The later the more giggles and fun we had, happy and full after a great evening of interesting conversations, connections, drawing and creativity. GAP! You did prove everyone 'I CAN'T DRAW' is a myth. We all did it!

Big thanks to GAP team for collaboration, check out their project here! Teresa, your photographs always show exactly how the evening went! Boundary, your hospitality was outstanding. Until the next Doodleledo :)

- Natalia, Doodleledo Founder