'I CAN'T DRAW!' ... nonsense.

The Fear of 'Bad Drawing'

Hi there!  I'm Chris Spalton, the new organiser for Doodle-le-do Norwich!  I'm super happy to have become part of the Doodle-le-do community and looking forward and really excited to be playing a part in engaging others to pick up a pen and start scribbling, so they can overcome the fear of 'bad drawing' and start to see the same benefits, both personally & professionally that I've enjoyed ever since embracing it.

doodleledo norwich

I've always been a doodler since a very young age, where I used to get into trouble at school, for filling my margins with various zombies and monsters and the like, and this continued into my work life where I'd always be scribbling away during numerous meetings.

After a while, and as the number of meetings (and the boredom threshold) increased I thought to myself, "Well, I have to be in here, and I'm doodling, so why not try and use my doodles productively?".

This all of a sudden gave my doodles purpose, capturing the meetings contents and discussions visually.  Straight away this had a massive impact, I was more engaged, got better at listening, was able to tie the threads of the conversation together better and for the first time in my life had meeting notes that I actually WANTED to go back and read.

doodleledo norwich

I then got into sketchnoting and doodling more and more often, both personally and professionally and it's really transformed the way I see thing, given me new appreciation of the world around me and made me more creative all round. I use it almost continuously when working on projects, and outside of work, I love to capture memories and places I've visited in a similar way.

So often people see my notes etc and say that they'd love to be able to do it but always fall back on "I can't draw!" well, look at my notes, I'm hardly Picasso when it comes to art, but I know how fun and useful it is to capture thoughts, feelings and information using whatever limited skills you have.  It's all about getting over the fear of bad drawing, and once you do that you'll find it becomes easier, more enjoyable and that even the simplest scribble can clarify complex in a way that pages and pages of the written word could never do.

If you're one of people who's scared of their own drawing ability, come along to Doodle-le-do Norwich and together we'll prove that not you CAN draw, but that you'll have a great time doing it!