'I CAN'T DRAW!' ... nonsense.

1, 2, 3 ... Doodle! Easier said then first

1, 2, 3…doodle! Easier said than done…at first. This is my personal experience when I attended the first Doodle-le-do session in London last year. I met Natalia a few years back through common friends when she was just about to launch herself in the big (exciting) adventure of entrepreneurship with her creative agency Natalka Design. Impressed by her talent, I’ve been following her career progress, and success, ever since, secretly wishing I could draw like her. ;-)

Doodleledo Paris
When she decided to launch Doodle-le-do, I was intrigued. I didn’t need to know how to draw to attend the event, really?

‘I’m going to make a fool of myself’, I thought. You see, I hadn’t touched a pen (for drawing purposes of course) in years! Literally. Just like a lot of people out there, I used to draw as a child and doodle in class, but as I grew older and chose a career path that had nothing to do with Art, I just dropped the habit. Why would I need to draw if I wasn’t going to be an artist? Silly logic, right?

As it turned out, this first Doodle-le-do session was not as bad as I thought it would be (for me, I mean). The first tries were a bit hesitant. I wasn’t sure of what I could draw…even if it was just about doodling and not painting the next Mona Lisa! But I just let myself go and be inspired by the conversations I was having with the people around me while sipping on my glass of wine. We even initiated small fun games and, just like that, the 2 hours passed! I thought ‘already’?

Doodleledo Paris organiser

We all have crazy, stressful lives, and these 2 hours, well…they are just so much fun, and relaxing, and the opportunity to meet new people in a different way, and drawing makes you process things differently. This is why I’m bringing Doodle-le-do to Paris!

Doodleledo Paris

Come along to #DoodleledoParis and you won’t regret it! More info soon!

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