'I CAN'T DRAW!' ... nonsense.

The Rebel Doodler

Hello! My name is Fernando and the first thing you need to know about me is that as a Leo, I’m loyal, honest, passionate, irreverent and impatient. I love playing tennis and listening to jazz music. I’m 30 years old and I live in Mexico City, but I’m from Saltillo, Coahuila, located at north of México. I studied communication sciences and I got a master degree in political analysis and media. 

Daily we are bombarded by information coming from in our social circles, media, environment, etc. What are we doing with this information? Are we using the correct sources to get that information? Are our decisions well informed? These questions led me to define my purpose in life, to help people and organisations to see the “big picture” turning information into knowledge.

Doodleledo Mexico City

I worked in political environment as media advisor for a while, but later I realized I wanted to take my passion beyond of the place where I was, to do something for other tribes. This transition was not easy because I thought that what I was doing was certainly complex and useless. 

What I did is to dive into my “natural powers” and two years ago, I discovered creative doodling and visual thinking as “powerful lanterns” to guide others in see and engage the path they were looking for.  Also I realized I had been doing this since I was five when I used to draw over the walls of my house and they looked like rupestrian paintings. Later, during all school times I used to draw diagrams and mind maps because I hated to have notebooks and flipchart papers clogged to death with words and words. As a consequence, thanks to my creative insights I became teachers’ worst nightmare and “Public Enemy No. 1”.

At what point I dropped out? I don’t know, maybe when I feel tired to keep fighting the system? When I started to feel insecure about the quality of my drawing skills? The only thing I know is this amazing talent woke up and is back. So far, in this discipline I learned that there are no boundaries for creativity; it has helped me to get my mind out of the box, connect with my inner child and with people at a deep level. What people most enjoy of my scribbles is how the idea is conveyed and the special humor that sometimes they carry.

Doodleledo Mexico City

The first time I heard about Doddle-le-do was from my good friend Scott Torrance, from Doodle-le-do Dublin, who told me about that incredible experience, and I was eager to be part of that, so I asked him to contact me with Natalia, the creator and mastermind behind Doodle-le-do, and the rest is history. As the co-organizer for Doodle-le-do Mexico I want to raise more awareness of what unlimited creativity can do for us, how we can build a common sense of shared knowledge through visual stories, and of course, make new friends and have tons of fun! Join me!

Twitter: @fperezguajardo