'I CAN'T DRAW!' ... nonsense.

Doodleledo is coming to Dublin !

The best thing about doodling is that we can all do it! The second best thing is that there's no pressure for what we create to be a work of brilliance. Right and wrong just don't exist when we doodle and feeling the freedom to try new things is what lies at the heart of any creative process. When we aren't so caught up in drawing something "good", our brains can just enjoy the lovely pastime of playing with our ideas on a page. Play is one of the most natural ways to learn and to grow and as adults we rarely make time for it in our day to day lives. Enter Doodleledo -- a creative get-together designed to change that.

#DoodleledoDublin team ready for the evening!

#DoodleledoDublin team ready for the evening!

Doodleledo involves a gathering of no more than fifteen people who get to know each other over a session of casual doodling. It typically takes place at a relaxing venue with drinks, snacks and art supplies provided. Doodleledo is a different way to network; there's a limit on the number of places which creates a cozy atmosphere and give everyone a proper chance to get to know each other.

Doodleledo Dublin was born from a conversation on Twitter involving comic artist Eoin (@ultimatehurl) and Natalia from Natalka Design (@Natalka_Design). Pro-doodler Natalia began the Doodleledo movement in London and has already inspired these events in other places around the world such as three cities in Poland. With encouragement from his fellow tweeters, Eoin decided to take on the task of organizing a Doodleledo Dublin. He soon had a group of eager well-wishers stepping up to offer their help. 

Doodleledo Dublin

There was a team of three involved in organizing the first event in May of 2014: Eoin, Serena (@serenafritsch) and Lisa (@graphicality). Eoin was the go-to man for venue and budget planning, Serena spread the good word of Doodleledo by social media and word-of-mouth and Lisa designed the graphics, including signage and poster. Special mention should also go to Gene Murphy (@genemurphy) who found us an excellent venue, The Candle Bar on George's Street, and secured sponsorship for it from our pals at GetBulb (@getbulb). This allowed us to use all income from ticket sales on the art supplies, drink vouchers and nibbles that we shared with guests at the event.

Doodleledo Dublin

With the help of everyone who spread the word on Twitter, including the lovely Ann Lowney (@Ann_Lowney) from Event Brite where we sold our tickets, we managed to fill ten of the fifteen spaces available which gave us a good sized gathering to work with on the night. We weren't sure how easily the conversation would flow (and were ready with some doodling games to break the ice) but everyone got along brilliantly from the start so we didn't need to use them. The ten of us chatted and doodled on all sorts of subjects for the whole evening and the event ran on for at least an hour longer than we'd expected. 

Doodleledo Dublin

We all came away feeling a real sense of connection with the people that we'd met and were delighted with the success of the evening. Big thanks go out to everyone that attended. As first attempts go, we couldn't have hoped for a better outcome and now we can't wait for the next event! It's planned for the end of July so keep an eye out on Twitter. Whether it's the doodling, the meeting of new people or the chance to try something a bit different that appeals to you, we'd be delighted to see you there.

Doodleledo Dublin Team :)

Eoin @UltimateHurl, Lisa @graphicality, Serena @serifritsch