'I CAN'T DRAW!' ... nonsense.

'Your mind is your greatest asset' - meet Vivid Drinks, our partner

Who are you: a long time Matcha drinker, soon-to-be jiu-jitsu master and mega-nerd when it comes to the brain.

Vivid Drinks matcha tea Doodleledo partner

What do you do: I am founder of Vivid, making Matcha-based drinks to support bright minds and busy brains. Matcha is proven to increase mental focus and concentration by stimulating alpha waves in the brain and providing a natural caffeine boost. I launched Vivid three years ago and it has since grown to be the UK’s leading Matcha drinks company, pioneering the Matcha movement.

Vivid Drinks Doodleledo partner

Why do you do it: Your mind is your greatest asset and a mind with focus and energy can achieve anything. As such, I want to provide people with natural energy without the artificial nasties and added sugar common to so many soft drinks.  

Why partnering up with Doodleledo: We aim to support those with creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. For that, we can think of no better event than Doodleledo!

Vivid Drinks Doodleledo partner

Fun fact: I have a cold shower every day.

Your business advice: Do not get emotionally attached to business ideas. Ask yourself everyday: if you were starting again, would you do it this way?

'I pack happiness in wooden boxes' - our new partner SEPPES

At Doodleledo family we look to partner up with the best in their field...and the most yummy ones :) At the end of last year our founder Natalia Talkowska from Natalka Design was a speaker at TEDxDIT event in beautiful cosy town in Bavaria Germany - Deggendorf.


One of the kind sponsors for the event was SEPPES, natural hand crafted artisan bakery that makes (what we thought) the best cookies out there. The taste and quality are something else. Naturally we got curious to talk to Josef, the founder and make a lasting impact after this inspiring event we were a part of. Josef said yes and now SEPPES is part of our wonderful growing partner family and will be bringing their mouthwatering cookies to our London Doodleledos - so you're all up for a treat! We need to think quickly, on the spot and be fully creative at Doodleledo so what better way to keep our energy levels high but with a bunch of natural organic yummy cookies!


A bit about our new partner SEPPES from the heart of Bavaria - Josef:

What do you do: I produce hand crafted, organic cookies with superior quality regional ingredients, packed in hand made wooden boxes which reveal the flavour of my inspiration gathered throughout my travels. I pack happiness in wooden boxes ;)

Who are you: a 32 year old guy, passionate about authentic rich flavours, exciting textures and colours provided by nature. I find joy and inspiration in journeys and new experiences where I can learn more about others and myself.


Why do you do it: I want to set my personal accent on combining ingredients to create flavour and on quality in a sustainable frame to offer pleasure to conscious indulgers.

Why partnering up with Doodleledo: Having the chance to work with such a creative mind as Natalia's , who combines the process of crossing inner borders, such as „I can´t draw“ with exploring one´s own potential while having a good time and tickling the right side of the brain has triggered my interest and attention to this creative project and I am really happy to have the opportunity to contribute to.

Fact 1: I do not own a TV but two stereo systems.

Fact 2: you can call me Seppe, that´s actually a common nickname in Bavaria for Josef and I named my company Seppes because I stand 100% behind my products with my name.

Fact 3: As I´m a quite clumsy fellow, my career as a waiter ended quite early as I dropped a tray, full of beer, over guests. Twice :)

Fact 4: The last thing I´d do would be bungee jumping, skydiving, rock climbing or riding a rollercoaster , I´d rather restart my career as a waiter ;)


Your business advice: Have courage towards gaps. Continue with doing what you are good at and solutions to fill the gap will appear.

Well there you go, now you know more about the amazing SEPPES. We're so excited to start collaboration - next Doodleledo around March in London so stay tuned on our social media for more info. Until then, if you're hungry for more like we are, visit SEPPES website or FB page and order some yummy goodness for you, friends, family, colleagues, or again...yourself :D and share it on social media with us on tagging @Doodleledo and @seppesschmankerl

The Rebel Doodler

Hello! My name is Fernando and the first thing you need to know about me is that as a Leo, I’m loyal, honest, passionate, irreverent and impatient. I love playing tennis and listening to jazz music. I’m 30 years old and I live in Mexico City, but I’m from Saltillo, Coahuila, located at north of México. I studied communication sciences and I got a master degree in political analysis and media. 

Daily we are bombarded by information coming from in our social circles, media, environment, etc. What are we doing with this information? Are we using the correct sources to get that information? Are our decisions well informed? These questions led me to define my purpose in life, to help people and organisations to see the “big picture” turning information into knowledge.

Doodleledo Mexico City

I worked in political environment as media advisor for a while, but later I realized I wanted to take my passion beyond of the place where I was, to do something for other tribes. This transition was not easy because I thought that what I was doing was certainly complex and useless. 

What I did is to dive into my “natural powers” and two years ago, I discovered creative doodling and visual thinking as “powerful lanterns” to guide others in see and engage the path they were looking for.  Also I realized I had been doing this since I was five when I used to draw over the walls of my house and they looked like rupestrian paintings. Later, during all school times I used to draw diagrams and mind maps because I hated to have notebooks and flipchart papers clogged to death with words and words. As a consequence, thanks to my creative insights I became teachers’ worst nightmare and “Public Enemy No. 1”.

At what point I dropped out? I don’t know, maybe when I feel tired to keep fighting the system? When I started to feel insecure about the quality of my drawing skills? The only thing I know is this amazing talent woke up and is back. So far, in this discipline I learned that there are no boundaries for creativity; it has helped me to get my mind out of the box, connect with my inner child and with people at a deep level. What people most enjoy of my scribbles is how the idea is conveyed and the special humor that sometimes they carry.

Doodleledo Mexico City

The first time I heard about Doddle-le-do was from my good friend Scott Torrance, from Doodle-le-do Dublin, who told me about that incredible experience, and I was eager to be part of that, so I asked him to contact me with Natalia, the creator and mastermind behind Doodle-le-do, and the rest is history. As the co-organizer for Doodle-le-do Mexico I want to raise more awareness of what unlimited creativity can do for us, how we can build a common sense of shared knowledge through visual stories, and of course, make new friends and have tons of fun! Join me!

Twitter: @fperezguajardo

GAP breaking 'I CAN'T DRAW' myth

Not long ago we got an email....from GAP...

They liked the idea of 'I CAN'T DRAW' that we try to break with Doodleledo. They thought it would be a great way to do something different during their press dinner at Boundary in London due to their new launch of GAP #RemixProject of new 11 tshirt designs from around the world.

How cool is that? We couldn't say no. We thought, why not ask everyone to create their own tshirt designs made of their own life bits & bobs! All ready to go, we packed crayons, markers, pens and papers and invited our friend talented photographer Teresa Madeline (see her work here! Stunning!!)

Natalia, founder of Doodleledo ready for action!

Natalia, founder of Doodleledo ready for action!

First guests started coming....the likes of Editors in chief from ID or Elle...

the food wasn't bad either....check out Boundary - sooo good! catch a rooftop table before Summer's gone!

So we wasn't an easy task to make this buzzing group to close their eyes, relax and think of 3 things about themselves that they would draw int the next few minutes, but we did it!

All adults, but acting like kids again! The energy was awesome and time passed in .... no time :)

The stories that everyone was coming up with left us all smiling, energised and pumped! Whoever said there can't be drawing fun during dinner!

There was also time for some reflection, moments to yourself and a bit of chill...

Before we noticed evening and time for dessert was upon us!

The later the more giggles and fun we had, happy and full after a great evening of interesting conversations, connections, drawing and creativity. GAP! You did prove everyone 'I CAN'T DRAW' is a myth. We all did it!

Big thanks to GAP team for collaboration, check out their project here! Teresa, your photographs always show exactly how the evening went! Boundary, your hospitality was outstanding. Until the next Doodleledo :)

- Natalia, Doodleledo Founder

Get in touch with your inner child

Hi! I’m Rebecca Jackson, organiser of the first Doodle-le-do in Australia, Doodle-le-do Melbourne. I think it’s appropriate that Doodle-le-do’s Australian launch is in the capital city renowned for art and culture. I’m also really excited to be organising and facilitating Doodle-le-do here as it’s a great opportunity to share my love of drawing and meet like-minded people.

I’m not new to drawing but it is something I have recently re-introduced into my life. When I was little I could often be found with a crayon in hand, decorating a wall or some furniture. I continued to draw prolifically during childhood, studying art in high school. My notebooks and school books were usually covered with doodles inside and out. I studied art at college for a year after I graduated and at this point that I came to the conclusion that I was not good enough to make a career out of art. So I quit, got a job and eventually studied Commerce at university.

doodleledo melbourne

Over time as life got busier I drew or painted in my spare time, but it diminished over the years. I continued to draw in the margins of my notebooks at university and work, but it was not really an encouraged practice. Then I got an iPad, went digital with my notetaking, and the doodling stopped. A few years ago I signed up for a UX Sketching class with Matt Magain, a local User Experience Designer and Illustrator. Among learning about wireframing and storyboarding, Matt introduced us to sketchnoting, and the love of drawing was reignited in me. From there I was using every conference I went to as an opportunity to sketchnote, have been invited as a guest to sketch at several events and have even presented about sketchnoting . Through this I get the chance to have many conversations with people about drawing and it’s always gratifying when someone steps out of their comfort zone to give it a go.

When Natalia from Natalka Design contacted me with the idea of running a Doodle-le-do in Melbourne I immediately loved it and set about figuring out how I could make time in my life to make it happen. I’m excited by an opportunity to share my love of doodling with people, and help people more past their insecurities and just enjoy the practice.  I believe that everyone can draw, it’s simply a matter of setting aside preconceived ideas about quality and focussing on enjoying the practice.

doodleledo melbourne

If you’ve ever said the words “I wish I could draw” or yearn for the days when you used to pick up a pencil more frequently, then Doodle-le-do is the place for you. Doodle-le-do is already helping people get in touch with their inner child in cities around the world. Now it’s Australia’s turn.

doodleledo melbourne

We’ve locked in Tuesday July 14 at the fabulous Queen’s Collective coworking space for the first Doodle-le-do Melbourne. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about event announcements.

Find out more about me or get in touch:

     Twitter @_rebeccajackson




The Fear of 'Bad Drawing'

Hi there!  I'm Chris Spalton, the new organiser for Doodle-le-do Norwich!  I'm super happy to have become part of the Doodle-le-do community and looking forward and really excited to be playing a part in engaging others to pick up a pen and start scribbling, so they can overcome the fear of 'bad drawing' and start to see the same benefits, both personally & professionally that I've enjoyed ever since embracing it.

doodleledo norwich

I've always been a doodler since a very young age, where I used to get into trouble at school, for filling my margins with various zombies and monsters and the like, and this continued into my work life where I'd always be scribbling away during numerous meetings.

After a while, and as the number of meetings (and the boredom threshold) increased I thought to myself, "Well, I have to be in here, and I'm doodling, so why not try and use my doodles productively?".

This all of a sudden gave my doodles purpose, capturing the meetings contents and discussions visually.  Straight away this had a massive impact, I was more engaged, got better at listening, was able to tie the threads of the conversation together better and for the first time in my life had meeting notes that I actually WANTED to go back and read.

doodleledo norwich

I then got into sketchnoting and doodling more and more often, both personally and professionally and it's really transformed the way I see thing, given me new appreciation of the world around me and made me more creative all round. I use it almost continuously when working on projects, and outside of work, I love to capture memories and places I've visited in a similar way.

So often people see my notes etc and say that they'd love to be able to do it but always fall back on "I can't draw!" well, look at my notes, I'm hardly Picasso when it comes to art, but I know how fun and useful it is to capture thoughts, feelings and information using whatever limited skills you have.  It's all about getting over the fear of bad drawing, and once you do that you'll find it becomes easier, more enjoyable and that even the simplest scribble can clarify complex in a way that pages and pages of the written word could never do.

If you're one of people who's scared of their own drawing ability, come along to Doodle-le-do Norwich and together we'll prove that not you CAN draw, but that you'll have a great time doing it!



The joy of doodling, making a mistake and then making something out of it...

Hello! My name Minh Ngo. I am the co-organizer for Doodle-le-do Toronto. I’m very excited to be a part of the Doodle-le-do community because I genuinely love helping others re-discover the joy of doodling, of colouring outside the lines, of making a mistake…


and then making something out of it...


I started doodling in earnest, if you can believe, during grad school! In fact, I was trying to complete my graduate research studies while working full-time and preparing to move to Germany. Talk about biting off more than you can chew. What can I say, I am too curious for my own good sometimes. One of the most challenging things about graduate level research is that you are dealing with so much information, that it is so easy to get lost in the details and not see the bigger the picture.This is what my study looked like then:


Yeah. It doesn’t stop there. Here’s a snap shot of my other wall.


One fateful day I happened to pick up a visual thinking book at the airport bookstore enroute to Frankfurt. I devoured the whole book during the 9-hour flight, used it to draw out my ideas and mapped out my next steps. Four months later I not only successfully defended my thesis but also ended up publishing it.

And ever since, I’ve been passionate about sharing the value of a visual approach to helping others get out of a rut, to sketch beneath the surface and picture the possibilities. Today, I work as a visual strategist, educator and confidant for creatives, idea peoples and professionals who dare to imagine a different future.

doodleledo brainstorm

So as you can imagine when I found out what Natalia from Natalka Design was doing with Doodle-le-do via Twitter, I knew I had to be a part of it. A few things stood out about it right away:

1) Doodle-le-do meetup was about people not business cards. Having gone to my share of networking events, I often left with a pocket full of business cards but very little knowledge about how I could actually help the people I met there because interactions seems forced and transactional. Doodle-le-do’s small meetup offers a more intimate opportunity to actually connect with people, do something fun together and most importantly, just be yourself.

2) Doodle-le-do brings the kid in all of us. Remember when you drew something or did something for the sake of just doing it? For me, Doodle-le-do is about that. Doodle, drink and be merry. What more can you ask for?

3) the thing that attracted me to Doodle-le-do is the aspect of building a community. It’s about being open to meeting new people, learning about their stories and being curious about the next chapter of their life.


If you are still wondering if you should come to a Doodle-le-do event, the answer is yes. Who knows where your imagination will take you!

Minh Ngo - #DoodleledoToronto co-organiser

1, 2, 3 ... Doodle! Easier said then first

1, 2, 3…doodle! Easier said than done…at first. This is my personal experience when I attended the first Doodle-le-do session in London last year. I met Natalia a few years back through common friends when she was just about to launch herself in the big (exciting) adventure of entrepreneurship with her creative agency Natalka Design. Impressed by her talent, I’ve been following her career progress, and success, ever since, secretly wishing I could draw like her. ;-)

Doodleledo Paris
When she decided to launch Doodle-le-do, I was intrigued. I didn’t need to know how to draw to attend the event, really?

‘I’m going to make a fool of myself’, I thought. You see, I hadn’t touched a pen (for drawing purposes of course) in years! Literally. Just like a lot of people out there, I used to draw as a child and doodle in class, but as I grew older and chose a career path that had nothing to do with Art, I just dropped the habit. Why would I need to draw if I wasn’t going to be an artist? Silly logic, right?

As it turned out, this first Doodle-le-do session was not as bad as I thought it would be (for me, I mean). The first tries were a bit hesitant. I wasn’t sure of what I could draw…even if it was just about doodling and not painting the next Mona Lisa! But I just let myself go and be inspired by the conversations I was having with the people around me while sipping on my glass of wine. We even initiated small fun games and, just like that, the 2 hours passed! I thought ‘already’?

Doodleledo Paris organiser

We all have crazy, stressful lives, and these 2 hours, well…they are just so much fun, and relaxing, and the opportunity to meet new people in a different way, and drawing makes you process things differently. This is why I’m bringing Doodle-le-do to Paris!

Doodleledo Paris

Come along to #DoodleledoParis and you won’t regret it! More info soon!

Twitter: @LoraineBarra

The moment I lost my creativity...and how I found it again - meet Michelle

Michelle joins the team having just returned to London from traveling South East Asia. She adores dogs, food, dancing, exploring new places and soy chai lattes. She loves meeting new faces so come and say hi! She'll be co-hosting future Doodleledo events in London starting from March 2015. We're super excited to have her on the team!

Michelle Potia

Michelle on her journey with doodling again:

When I was 16 I had an interesting conversation with my ex-art teacher, Ms Willis.

It went something along the lines of this: "Thank god you didn't opt Art as a GCSE subject Michelle! LOL" OK I knew it was a joke and I laughed but she was right. When all the other kids had completed their project I'd still be figuring out which way was up or down! I'm the sort of person who likes the safety of certainty in maths whereby you follow a framework of rules and you're either correct or you are not. 

Like every other kid I'd doodle and draw pictures in class, mostly because I got bored and I'd get told off for it so I stopped but it's only recently, over a decade later I've realised what a shame that was. 

The problem with conventional schooling is that it can snuff out all traces of creativity if it doesn't conform with their ideals of 'Art'. We must remember that children are not born with the fear of being wrong, this is something that's indoctrinated into our minds and sadly if you're afraid of being wrong, then arguably you are frightened of being different, and of being creative.

Creativity is like a muscle and the more you exercise it the stronger and more flexible it becomes. I became a finance professional due to my affinity for structure and numbers but it's easy to forget how important it is to have an active imagination in and outside of the office. After all, how boring would life be if absolutely nobody was dared to be different and everything was all the same?!

I recently took 6 months out of my career to have a break, take the opportunity to learn and explore the world (thoroughly recommend this to absolutely everyone, by the way, it was the best thing I've ever done) but before I left I got to learn more about Natalia and her businesses in particular Doodleledo; whether art is your thing or not, everyone doodled when they were younger. Unlike maths, there's no right or wrong, Ms Willis isn't going to be there to judge me, its fun and I get to meet other like-minded people and snack. 

Nobody tells you when you go traveling there is often a lot of waiting around for transport. Inspired by idea of Doodleledo I found myself using this time to draw and create visual storyboards of the places I'd seen and things I'd done. It relaxed me and filled in the gaps of my stories that photos couldn't and I've kept all of these as personal mementoes of all the amazing places I've seen and as a reminder to myself to keep learning and keep the joy in doodling.

My advice to anyone who thinks they can't draw is to just try, don't overthink it and do it. Draw for fun, draw instead of making lists, draw to make mind maps or create storyboards. You'd be surprised how it can help you interpret and understand information especially if you're a visual thinker like me.

Don't know where to start? Come along to Doodleledo, if that won't get you addicted I don't know what will. See you in March at #DoodleledoLondon! more info soon.

Instagram @mishola

Twitter @mishola123

Doodleledo is coming to Dublin !

The best thing about doodling is that we can all do it! The second best thing is that there's no pressure for what we create to be a work of brilliance. Right and wrong just don't exist when we doodle and feeling the freedom to try new things is what lies at the heart of any creative process. When we aren't so caught up in drawing something "good", our brains can just enjoy the lovely pastime of playing with our ideas on a page. Play is one of the most natural ways to learn and to grow and as adults we rarely make time for it in our day to day lives. Enter Doodleledo -- a creative get-together designed to change that.

#DoodleledoDublin team ready for the evening!

#DoodleledoDublin team ready for the evening!

Doodleledo involves a gathering of no more than fifteen people who get to know each other over a session of casual doodling. It typically takes place at a relaxing venue with drinks, snacks and art supplies provided. Doodleledo is a different way to network; there's a limit on the number of places which creates a cozy atmosphere and give everyone a proper chance to get to know each other.

Doodleledo Dublin was born from a conversation on Twitter involving comic artist Eoin (@ultimatehurl) and Natalia from Natalka Design (@Natalka_Design). Pro-doodler Natalia began the Doodleledo movement in London and has already inspired these events in other places around the world such as three cities in Poland. With encouragement from his fellow tweeters, Eoin decided to take on the task of organizing a Doodleledo Dublin. He soon had a group of eager well-wishers stepping up to offer their help. 

Doodleledo Dublin

There was a team of three involved in organizing the first event in May of 2014: Eoin, Serena (@serenafritsch) and Lisa (@graphicality). Eoin was the go-to man for venue and budget planning, Serena spread the good word of Doodleledo by social media and word-of-mouth and Lisa designed the graphics, including signage and poster. Special mention should also go to Gene Murphy (@genemurphy) who found us an excellent venue, The Candle Bar on George's Street, and secured sponsorship for it from our pals at GetBulb (@getbulb). This allowed us to use all income from ticket sales on the art supplies, drink vouchers and nibbles that we shared with guests at the event.

Doodleledo Dublin

With the help of everyone who spread the word on Twitter, including the lovely Ann Lowney (@Ann_Lowney) from Event Brite where we sold our tickets, we managed to fill ten of the fifteen spaces available which gave us a good sized gathering to work with on the night. We weren't sure how easily the conversation would flow (and were ready with some doodling games to break the ice) but everyone got along brilliantly from the start so we didn't need to use them. The ten of us chatted and doodled on all sorts of subjects for the whole evening and the event ran on for at least an hour longer than we'd expected. 

Doodleledo Dublin

We all came away feeling a real sense of connection with the people that we'd met and were delighted with the success of the evening. Big thanks go out to everyone that attended. As first attempts go, we couldn't have hoped for a better outcome and now we can't wait for the next event! It's planned for the end of July so keep an eye out on Twitter. Whether it's the doodling, the meeting of new people or the chance to try something a bit different that appeals to you, we'd be delighted to see you there.

Doodleledo Dublin Team :)

Eoin @UltimateHurl, Lisa @graphicality, Serena @serifritsch

Visual Thinking – the Path to Genius?

Visual thinking has been described as seeing words as a series of pictures (Wikipedia). For me visual thinking is the ability to work effectively with the complicated ideas. By unlocking the power of visual thinking we can overcome problems, think more creatively and critically, make better decisions and expand our perspective of what's possible (Visual Thinking Magic).

In times of increasing complexity, competition and constraint, we cannot rely on yesterday’s ideas, products and ways of working. Today’s leaders in order to improve performance need to stimulate creative thinking and unleash the creative potential in themselves and in their teams. IBM study reveals that creativity is the most important leadership quality followed by integrity and global thinking – 1500 corporate leaders, from 60 nations and 33 industries were pulled on what drives them in managing their companies in today’s world. Creative leaders are more prepared to break with the status quo of industry, enterprise, and revenue models.

 “Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart”

— Mencius (Meng-Tse), 4th century BCE

“Albert Einstein believed that the words and numbers — as they are written or spoken — did not play a significant role in his thinking process. Geniuses are constantly making novel combinations. They are always looking for ways to combine and recombine things and ideas in new ways. What’s surprising is that the things they are combining are not new or revolutionary at all — they simply haven’t been combined this way before. When thinking visually, you are constantly combining and recombining things in unique ways. You are looking at the same world as everyone else, but seeing something very different by using pictures to fuse together surprising combinations of thoughts, things and ideas” – Visual Thinking Magic.

Although visual thinking is not limited to drawing, drawing plays a crucial role in developing the visual thinking expertise. And what’s the most important, everyone can draw through practicing.

The whole framework can be found on the quoted several times here Visual Thinking Magic website, which I find very interesting and encourage you to explore in more details. For me personally, apart from competencies, mindset and so on,  the environment is very important. How to inspire ourselves and the people around us to be more enthusiastic, creative and passionate? How to create the space excel?

Let’s start building a culture promoting high creativity ( Source: The Handbook of High-Performance Virtual Teams, page 46; adapted from Nemiro  2004):

1)      Ideas valued

2)      Trust, high level of honesty

3)      Constructive tension

4)      High level of challenge

5)      Collaboration

6)      Freedom

7)      Supportive management

8)      Sufficient resources

9)      Understand work style

As opposed to a culture of low creativity:

1)      Ideas dismissed

2)      Mistrust

3)      Unconstructive tension

4)      Lack of challenge

5)      Competition

6)      Lack of Freedom

7)      Status quo

8)      Insufficient resources and time

More on creativity can be found on my blog.

So, let’s start our path to become a genius! Draw, have fun and meet new people! To join our next Doodleledo 3 City please follow us on Facebook or contact here.

Małgorzata Kusyk - Doodleledo 3City organiser